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Fawkes Farm
Handcrafted Sign
Bent Pines
Tiki Hut
Wooden Sign
Wooden Sign
Gold Gilding
Sandy Beach
Vintage Key
Single Palm Tree
2 Palm Trees
3 Palm Trees
Continuous Wave
Palm Frond
Bananna Leaf
Shore Bird
Conch Shell
Sea Turtle
Skyway Bridge
Banana Leaf
Buddah 2
Sailboat 2
Compass Rose
Moon and Stars
Conch Shell
Hold your horses
Zipper Closeup
Motorcycle Closeup
Whale Tail Closeup
Whale Tail
Anchors Aweigh
Tutmaher Family
Clamshell Closeup
Lighthouse Closeup
Square Knot
Japanese Tradition
Crab Detail
Another Crab Carving
Vintage Bicycle
Hot Air Balloon
Vintage Hot Air Balloon
Monogram Letter K
Compass Detail
Feather and Lace
The Tree of Life
Maynard Family

What we do

We Are Sign and Plaque Makers

Personalized wooden signs and plaques are an eco-friendly option to share your message or recognize achievements. Crafted from natural Florida wood cypress, these handcrafted wooden signs are custom designed and treated for either indoor or outdoor use.

Design is Our Niche

Working in a content-focused industry, we need to keep this issue pretty close to heart; creating a great sign or plaque is pointless if it is visually uninspiring or unreadable. Likewise, if the content doesn’t deliver, then even the most attractive sign won’t hold the viewer’s attention.


We Strategize

At Handcrafted Wooden Signs we’re building an exciting new platform for turning your ideas into reality. By combining concierge-style customer service with creative and production expertise at an affordable price point, Handcrafted Wooden Signs is making custom goods accessible to everyone.


What Else we do

We have great customer service

Every inquiry will be handled within 24 hours or sooner. We are all empowered to go above and beyond to meet your expectations. It is our guarantee that you will have an easy and enjoyable purchasing experience.

We build relationships

The method in which we handle orders and communicate with the customer is crucial to our business. Usually after several emails, phone calls, and text messages, we have developed a relationship that will be permanent and last a lifetime.

We work late

Even though we are a small team of artists and craftsmen, our goal is to get your order processed and shipped on the scheduled due date even if it means working late to get it done.

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Our team

What our clients say


The piece made it beautifully and is just wonderful!  I love the font you chose!  I am sure this will be a Christmas gift that is absolutely a stunner!!

Thank you so much!

Jen Client from Pennsylvania

Thanks for the beautiful sign. We’re getting great customer response.

Brannon Ashton Brothers

Thank you so much for the sign. It is every bit as expected and a whole lot more. I have several more orders that I will be sending your way. Thanks again…

William Student at UCONN

I am using one of your signs for our home décor. It is a perfect fit for our style. Thanks for everything…

John self-employed

About us

Larry has been involved in woodworking since his early childhood. His original creations were hand hewn bowls that were hewn (carved) from exotic hardwoods. After years of constant pounding from the adze, it finally took its toll on his hands and he could no longer create those beautiful bowls. Hence, the beginning of handcrafting, handcarving, and the creation of personalized and custom made signs. In a short period of time, Handcrafted Wooden Signs has quickly grown and is now an international phenomenon.

Who we are?

People are naturally drawn to Larry’s signs because they are artistically created and all hand carved. They are a striking contrast to today’s high tech and modern techniques. Artist/Crafter Larry Maynard’s signs are widely accepted in personal and business environments and make great gifts, personal memories, and business statements. Individuals are recognizing their artistic form as well as being a functional piece of art.

  • Widely accepted
  • Great gifts
  • Business statements

Latest news

Fall Time is Fast Approaching

Handcrafted Wooden Signs is actively involved in the commercial market. The summer season keeps us busy with a variety of accounts. The winter season will allow us to devote our time and energy to the Art Show circuit. If you get a chance, visit our sister website at 3rdstreetart.com

Gold Gilding

Gold Leafing

We do lots of commercial signage with gold leafing. The dying art is absolutely stunning.


The Daisy

The daisy flower is so simple yet so beautiful!

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